Chapter 1: A Floating Family

I should probably start at the beginning, which for me is a very long time ago. My name is Nell. Well, it’s Nelliethiel Briarbosk, but most people can’t pronounce my name anyway, so somewhere along the lines I just became “Nell”. I’m an old woman now, but once upon a time I lived a life […]

Eggs Beetletun [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!  How are you today? I hope you all are adventuring across the lands, and remembering to kill the new world boss, Drakkar! Today we’re going to venture away from the home cities to the tiny town of Beetletun, located in the far Northeast corner of Queensdale (in Kryta). Beetletun is a tiny fishing […]

Bowl of Cinnamon Sugar + Cinnamon Pinwheels [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!  Happy Friday to you all! I hope you all are doing well. Today I want to talk about cinnamon rolls. Sticky buns. Sticky, cinnamon confections that we disguise as “breakfast”, but let’s be honest, we’re really just smuggling in cake at the start of the day (hehe!). No judgement here, because I love […]

Baked Onion Rings [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!  Today’s recipe is a messy, but tasty side dish to pair with many options: onion rings. I had never tried my hand at making onion rings before today, but I have to say… these came out great! Before we dive into today’s recipe, let’s take a look at the Guild Wars 2 version […]

Bowl of Blueberry Pie Filling + Mini Blueberry Pies [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Over here, when I’m not cooking up some tasty, Tyrian treats, I’ve been grinding achievements in the new Tutorial section of the achievement page. Have you started on yours yet? 🙂  Today’s recipe is complete comfort food and the perfect dessert as we roll […]

Bowl of Applesauce + Pancake Day [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!  It’s Pancake Day and in honor of Shrove Tuesday, today I whipped up a bowl of applesauce straight out of Tyria! This delicious recipe is part of the novice cooking collection, and is definitely a must to try in your own home. If you’ve ever tried jarred applesauce then you know that it […]

Mashed Potatoes [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians! I’m back with another delicious recipe, and this time we are making buttermilk mashed potatoes! You know that little carton over in the dairy section that often gets neglected? That’s buttermilk. It’s thick, it’s sour, but in mashed potatoes it’s creamy, savory delight! Before we jump into the recipe, let’s take a look […]

Grilled Steak [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians! I’m back with another recipe from the novice rank of Guild Wars 2 cooking, and today we are diving into grilled steak! Admittedly, I don’t eat much red meat anymore. But in honor of this recipe, I headed to the store to purchase a plump, juicy steak to pair with a batch of […]

2 Delicious Rice Balls [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians! This morning’s recipe come straight out of lunar new years. Rice balls are very easy to make, and taste delicious. While your rice is cooking, prep the nori strips and everything else is a breeze. Now then, are you ready to dive into this recipe? Then, let’s go! 🙂 Easy Rice Balls Makes: […]

Buttermilk Biscuits [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Happy Chinese New Year, Everyone! I hope you all have been scooping up those lucky red envelopes, because the festival is almost over. However, the fun is not! 😉 While tonight I’ll be back with a special lunar new year’s recipe post, this afternoon I am bringing you a simple buttermilk biscuit recipe based upon […]

Bowl of Poultry Stock + Simple Poultry Soup [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Tonight I’m sitting here with a head cold, and all I wanted was a bowl of homemade chicken soup. This recipe from Guild Wars 2 is about as simple as it gets. With just a few ingredients you can make this recipe straight from Tyria into your own home. May it nourish you inside and […]