Grilled Steak [Guild Wars 2 Recipe]

Hi Tyrians!

I’m back with another recipe from the novice rank of Guild Wars 2 cooking, and today we are diving into grilled steak! Admittedly, I don’t eat much red meat anymore. But in honor of this recipe, I headed to the store to purchase a plump, juicy steak to pair with a batch of quick fried rice. The result was a heavenly dish and strips of steak cooked to medium rare perfection. Now, let’s dive into this recipe, shall we? 🙂

Grilled Steak


  • 1 steak
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon ground black pepper


Step 1: Heat a skillet (I used cast iron) to medium-high heat. Brush oil over the skillet as it warms.

Step 2: Salt and pepper your steak generously.

Step 3: Pan sear your steak for 4 minutes on each side to get a nice char. (Charr… hehe! <3)

Step 4: Insert a food thermometer. (This is important!). Poke it into the thickest, central part of the steak. Continue cooking until your steak reaches the desired temperature. For medium, cook to 135 degrees (F) about 3-5 minutes. For medium rare, cook to 140 degrees (F) or 5-7 minutes. For medium-well, cook to 150 degrees (F) or 8-10 minutes.

I hope you all enjoyed this recipe! Smash that like button if you enjoyed it, and I will see you back here for the next dish!

May the Loot Be with You,

~Mei Mei (^_^)

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